We turn educational experience into a community involvement

based on engagement,

collaboration and sharing values

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How do we empower kids ?



They share with peers their questions, challenges and deal with the topics they are interested in
They create their own educational multi-modal contents and take up various challenges posted by their peers


They discover and explore new areas of knowledge through a vast and searchable library of content created by their peers

How do we help teachers ?

Twinning helps teachers to focus on personal learning paths and global engagement of their classes.
We provide teachers with powerful feedback and recommendation engine to build skills and knowledge from their students' interests.
Students are involved in their learning and are able to understand the meaning of it.
Teachers give them a space to "learn-how-to-learn" and a voice to creativity.

How do we engage parents ?

Twinning engages parents to support their child's education in a safe and responsible relationship with technology.
We enable parents to have an efficient connection with schools via our feedback tool and follow-up child's continuous achievement and progress.
Children develop a positive digital experience and improve their community commitment.
Parents contribute to continuous learning between classroom and home.